Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lamma Island

I have heard so much about Lamma Island (南丫島) in many Hong Kong TVB dramas, so I was extremely excited to visit!

Took a ferry and arrived at Sok Kwu Wan Pier!

The look of it reminded me very much of our Pulau Ubin. I went to read up on Lamma Island and learnt that transportation on this island is mostly by bicycle or foot. No private cars! Also, any building above 3 storeys high is prohibited.

Time for dinner at Rainbow Seafood Restaurant for our sumptuous seafood feast! I highly recommend this place because the seafood was really fresh and awesome! All my favourite seafood in one setting.

Soup to start. Not sure why but I love the soup in Hong Kong! Most of them are clear soup with simple ingredients but there is a very "homely" taste, which can hardly be found in Singapore's eateries.

Salt pepper prawn. Yum yum yum!

Fried sotong.

For the photos below, I am not sure which one is lobster and which one is crab, so I shall caption it together. Heh. My fave dish that night were the lobsters! I had so many pieces. The meat was chunky and so delicious! The crabs were very fresh and sweet!

The fish was huge!! Oh my, this entry is making me want to take a ferry back there to eat all these again!

Some non-seafood: Sweet and sour pork. Would be great if they had Prawn Paste Chicken!

I don't usually like fried rice because the ones served in Singapore usually have char siew bits which spoils the taste, plus always have corn, carrots, and green peas (eww!) However, I really love all the fried rice I had in Hong Kong! Mostly are simply fried with egg and vegetables, yet very yummy. I like it alot!

Even simple fare like normal veggies was yummy. I can't remember the last time I had such a fantastic meal!

All that food for 6 adults and 2 kids! Is really big portion and so awesome! I love how I could eat the lobsters and crabs one after another without the need to care if there is enough for everyone else because the portion is so generous, definitely enough one!

The service was also very good! The staff was friendly, gave us lots of towels, and changed our plates very frequently.

So many kinds of seafood available...

The tour guide recommended the soya beancurd from this shop too but we were too full to try!

It must be quite interesting to live in a small community in a simple village like this...

Went back to the city after dinner, and was welcomed with this beautiful sight at Central!

Half-built ferris wheel. Reminds me of Singapore flyer!

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