Monday, November 17, 2014

Blur or what

Today, I want to share about some things that happened recently!

It's totally random by the way!

One fine day, I went to have lunch with my colleagues as usual and halfway to the coffeeshop, I realize that what I was holding in my hand is this stapler instead of my wallet!!!! Hahaha I have no idea how and why!

Then on another day, I took a cab to my hair salon after work and when I was almost reaching, I realize that I left my wallet in the office! Quickly called Wayne, my hair stylist and he came down to save me with $20.

After I got my hair done, I felt hungry but the leftover change from the cab fare was only enough for me to either have dinner or take the train back. Sigh! Of course getting home is more important so in the end I bought a standard ticket with an empty stomach.

Sent this photo to my colleagues and one of them told me I could have taken an Uber cab since I already have my credit card details in their system and that could pay for my ride home. I COULD HAVE GOTTEN DINNER WITH THE LEFTOVER CASH!!!!!

Then, I suddenly remembered that bf gave me this customized ezlink card some time back and I left it in the card pocket of my phone cover. I usually use my own ezlink card in my wallet so I totally forgot I had this one!!! I COULD HAVE GOTTEN DINNER WITH THE LEFTOVER CASH!!!!!!

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