Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

I spent my Halloween at Scape this year with Bf and his friends at Museum of Horrows V: The Relic!

We were let in batch by batch into the maze. We were quite amazed at how realistic the set up is. For example, the "Cabin in the Woods" really made me feel like I was in a dark forest, infront of a creepy cabin house, with wet and muddy ground filled with leaves. There were many "ghosts" at every corner scaring us with shrieks or soulless eyes. There was an area which was completely dark, and the Annabelle doll also makes an appearance in one of the sets.

It was quite a interesting experience for me and it's a perfect activity for Halloween! I hope to attend again next year!

Thank you Scape and Nuffnang for the tickets :)

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