Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Residential postal codes in Singapore

I suddenly got curious about postal codes in Singapore and went to read up on it and found it quite interesting so I wanna share with you all! Some of you might already know this but actually a lot of people around me don't know!

Postal codes in Singapore have 6 digits. I always thought that the first 3 digit is the area, while the last 3 digit is the block number. But actually, it is more than that!

For example if your postal code is 112233, I would probably guess that you live in Pasir Panjang Block 233B.

First two digits = 11 = Area number
Third digit = 2 = The 3rd block in the same area with same block number
Last three digits = 233 = Block number

Block 233 in Pasir Panjang would probably be 110233, Block 233A would be 111233, Block 233B would be 112233 and so on!

Fun fact of the day! :D

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