Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mama Shop

If you follow local entertainment news, you would know that local artistes Felicia Chin and Sora Ma, together with two others, opened a new cafe called "Mama Shop".

I saw photos of the cafe on magazines and thought it looked quite interesting so we decided to go there for lunch!

Love the colours and decor! The entire set up was very retro!

The food took quite long to arrive, probably because there was only one person handling the kitchen and service while we were there. There was no aircon, but luckily there were sheltered seats available! A constant stream of diners came in throughout our meal. I would probably feel quite flustered if I was the only staff there. Haha. Kudos to the guy who remained calm and was still polite to diners!

Bf ordered Peanut Prince while I ordered the Sparkling Limau, which is their recommended drink. I didn't know that there would be sour plum in the juice, else I wouldn't have ordered it because I don't like plum drinks.

Bf had the beef burger.

While I ordered Happy Peppy Lobster Seafood burger. The taste and portion was average, but okay for it's reasonable pricing. I really like the toasted bread!

The okaasan waffles sounded interesting, so we ordered it to share. The pairing of waffles, chicken chunks, takoyaki sauce and bonito flakes worked for me.

The location of the cafe (195 Pearl Hill Terrace) is quite ulu and might be difficult to find. But I think it's still worth a visit for its nostalgic decor... Go in the evening and it would be more cooling maybe. Hopefully more savoury mains could be introduced to the menu soon!

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