Tuesday, November 11, 2014

THEFACESHOP: 1st Million Special Anniversary Celebration

I realize that I have been buying so many new tops that I keep wearing similar outfits everywhere because I only have the same few bottoms. It's very difficult for me to find nice skirts/shorts to wear as I am usually unable to fit into the default sizes out there. That's why I hardly buy any and when I manage to get one that fits, I can't bear to wear it so often in case it spoils too soon.

Need to buy more dresses! I love one-pieces because it is usually easier to wear. Just put it on with some accessories and good to go... Matching tops and bottoms can have a nicer result but it's too much work!

Just the other day, I clicked onto some overseas online stores hoping for a massive shopping spree but it's the fall season now and all are long sleeve/thick material. Can't wear in Singapore! Now I'd have to find some new apparels locally while waiting for Spring/Summer to come back. I am glad Singapore is mostly sunny weather because I totally prefer Spring/Summer clothing!

On the same day, also took this photo which ended up as my current blog header. Thinking of changing it but I hardly take nice photos so until now I haven't got any photos that i like better.

Wore the above to attend THEFACESHOP: 1st Million Special Anniversary Celebration! Check out the pretty view from Altimate @ 1-Altitude!

Nadia and her red hair in the reflection. haha.

Range of products from the Raspberry Roots range! More on that later :)

Ice cream from The Inspired Chef was good!

Did some "art & crafts"... Here's our banners!

Then, we had a drawing charades game which was so fun!!!! The theme was "Korean" and we managed to guess most of what our team member drew. Would love to play more of this with friends!!

This is what happens when I use Nadia's phone to take photos..... Haha can't seem to master how to take a selfie using her phone properly. Always ends up with my hand covering part of the frame!

So anyway, I brought home some Raspberry Roots products from The Face Shop and my favourite is the Sleeping Mask. It's a liquid gel for me to spread evenly on my face, go to sleep, then wake up with awesome skin! Easy peasy way to do some maintenance on the skin. Plus, it has a light texture and not greasy at all so it's quite comfortable to leave on.

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