Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hong Kong: Causeway Bay

Took the MTR in Hong Kong! We were contemplating to take either the cab or the MTR to Causeway Bay and of course I voted for the MTR just to experience it!

You will never see me so excited about the MRT in Singapore. Haha.

We bought single journey tickets!

A station staff helped to assist my family in purchasing the tickets. While they were busy with the machine, an aunty came to ask me for loose change. Me, being paranoid in a foreign country, waved her off politely and didn't even dare to look at her in the eyes in case she scam or hypnotize me. That's what happens when you read too much stories online about foreign scammers. After that, I made sure to check that all my belongings are still safely inside my bag. Haha.

Quickly got my sis to snap a photo of me on the MTR! Haha. We then laughed about how we always find it ridiculous when foreigners take photos on our MRT in Singapore, yet we are doing it ourselves elsewhere. Anyway, the MTR was really fast!

We finally reached Causeway Bay! I wanted to take photos with the iconic Mongkok sign that tourists love, but nevermind, Causeway Bay's will do.

Once we stepped out of the train station, we were welcomed by the night lights of Causeway Bay.

Causeway Bay was crowded and so vibrant at night!

We went in search for dinner and walked passed eateries like this...

And finally settled in this modern Hong Kong cafe called Ngan Lung Restaurant! At first I lowered my expectations because I have the opinion that usually cafes ran by hired staff instead of private owners always have mediocre food, but I was pleasantly surprised with the good food here!

We ordered the typical Hong Kong fare - Roasted Goose, Roasted Pork, and Char Siew. I noticed that restaurants in Hong Kong love to serve soup on the side! And the soup served are usually very yummy! A bowl like that would cost a few dollars in Singapore. The portion is not a lot, but I loveeeeeeeeee the Roasted Pork! The crispy skin and tender meat was perfectly roasted and tasty. The char siew here also had a very difference sauce from the sticky red ones I was used to, but still very yummy. I personally prefer the charred type though, but didn't get to eat those throughout my stay in Hong Kong. Also ordered Ice Milk Tea to try the version in Hong Kong.

After we filled our tummies, we went to walk around the streets of Causeway Bay! Found a Koi Kei shop and mum excitedly went in to buy almond biscuits and peanut candy. I really love the peanut candy in Koi Kei!

There were plenty of shops in Causeway Bay and my fave is probably Laforet, because the profile is mainly for the younger crowd!

Family photo on the streets of Causeway Bay!

So far, Causeway Bay is my favourite place in Hong Kong. It felt very happening!

Many people gathered to watch the street performer~

That's all for Hong Kong today!

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