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Hong Kong: Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui

My family finally went on a trip that is not Genting Highlands! We have been going back there year after year and we are starting to get very bored of it already, so this time we wanted to go somewhere further!

Mum is a TVB drama fan and had always wanted to go to Hong Kong to see how it's really like there. Around one month before the trip, we went to the Chan Brother's travel fair but didn't see any itinerary we fancy. After leaving the fair, we walked around Suntec and saw a mini Nam Ho fair and dad randomly took one of the flyer. We liked the itinerary stated and booked a package on the spot!

1.5 weeks before the supposed travel date, we received a call from Nam Ho that they might be cancelling the trip because they didn't meet the minimum pax of 6. We decided to visit the NATAS that weekend and thankfully, when we reached the Nam Ho counter, the lady told us that they finally got another family to join so the tour can go ahead as planned! Was so happy then!

Although we could have went free and easy, I did feel signing up for a tour package was worth it this time. Although it is definitely more expensive than going ourselves, the itinerary was extensive and covered most of the main attractions, plus certain meals. Transport is also included so it was very convenient! We didn't have to do much planning. Another major plus point is that we only had 8 people in the group and the other family was early for all scheduled timings, so we didn't have to wait for late people at all! We clicked quite well including the tour guide and it felt like we were touring with friends!

Usually we go to the airport to eat. Finally we are going there to fly!

Fun fact: This is my first time on a plane.

I felt a little air sick, but the movies inflight were a great distraction. I watched the highly-raved "The Fault In Our Stars" and oh my, it was such a bore!

Anyway, I had higher expectations for the airplane food because I keep hearing from other people that airplane food was yummy and better than expected because everyone else seem to say it is not nice. Everyone else were right. I felt that the food tasted a little 'off'. But still, got food to anticipate better than no food! Haha.

Finally landed in Hong Kong! We met up with our tour guide at the airport and boarded the coach to our first stop - Ladies Market.

Ahem, in this entry you will see many photos of buildings in Hong Kong because I got a little too excited being in another country, I went trigger happy at everything.

The weather in Hong Kong while we were there was extremely scorching hot and humid. The heat was really quite unbearable. I got sunburnt after just 5 days in Hong Kong. Very much darker than I was after I came back from my Bintan beach holiday!

Finally here in Mongkok!

I realize that the construction works in Hong Kong are mostly supported by bamboo. I see bamboo sticks everywhere!

Me on the streets of Hong Kong. Necklace from Zalora.

Walked around a little and decided to try some street snacks! Found this shop selling rather interesting food!

We decided to buy gong cha to quench our thirst and the milk tea there taste so much better than the ones sold in Gongcha Singapore. No idea why! Anyway, we also bought "yu dan" from the stall beside. The shop stated HKD8 but when I paid, the aunty say HKD10! I didn't dare to question her and just paid. Haha. I heard Hong Kong people very fierce leh, I am not going to take the risk. Haha. Anyway HKD10 for a bowl of fishballs is quite cheap already. No point haggling over HKD2!

"Yu Dan" is actually fishballs, mostly with curry sauce. Our first snack in Hong Kong was really yummy! The fishball isn't very bouncy, but I liked the sauce very much! "Yu Dan" is quite common along the streets in Hong Kong.

Photo outside Ladies Market. There isn't much to buy here, mostly souvenirs.

Lots of signboards everywhere! Anyway, one annoying thing about walking around in Mong Kok is that there will always be mysterious droplets of water landing on our shoulder. I think it's leftover rain residue on the signboards....

Typical street in Mong Kok.

OOTD along the streets of Hong Kong! For my first day in Hong Kong, I wore this striped maxi dress from www, It kept me comfortable on the flight (can anyhow sit! haha).

Major love this photo because of its vibrant colours! Favourite photo from the entire trip :)

Buses in Mong Kok are quite cute!

Photo with sis while we wait for our coach to pick us up. It was very tiring walking around the streets and we went back to the pick up point a lot earlier than we were supposed to. Haha.

Soy Street. Most of their street signs look like this. Not sure what the numbers mean.

Next stop, Tsim Sha Tsui! We were there for the Avenue of Stars. It's something like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, except that this one only pays tribute to outstanding professionals of Hong Kong's film industry.

With Bruce Lee's statue.

Dad's idol - Jacky Cheung.

Quite a number of stars I recognized! I have always liked Hong Kong movies :)

After that, we went for dinner at Paramount Banquet Hall.

After dinner, was another set of activities at Victoria Peak. Will blog about it in the next entry! :)

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