Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bodacious Bar and Bistro

For our latest mystery makan session, Jacelyn brought us to Bodacious Bar and Bistro, located at 70 Biopolis Street.

Everyone loved the modern industrial interior! There is also outdoor seating, but it was such a hot day that we all chose to sit indoors, with the comfort of aircon!

Group photo before we start. Check out the phone and camera on the table... all in "selfie" mode! Haha.

Sent this photo to my colleagues and they said "Esther is all about food"... Hahaha. Quite an accurate sentence to describe me ya? Good food makes me a very happy girl!

Coffee that Jacelyn ordered. I miss coffee so much! I have been avoiding it ever since I had braces on. I used to have ice latte for almost every cafe visit!

I was spoilt for choice but eventually settled for Duck Confit. Very sinful because there were many fatty bits which I savored. I recommend this if you visit Bodacious Bar and Bistro!

Jacelyn and Fidelis both had the pulled-pork burger. It looked very good on the menu and I almost wanted to order it!

Nadia indulged in steak!

We also had truffle fries to share. Can never resist truffle fries. I also saw prawn paste chicken on the menu! So tempting!

Piccies again! This is what happen when four bloggers hang out. Haha. So many photos whenever we are together! Actually I cut down already. Few years back I snap even more photos!

Churros for dessert.

Really like this photo! One of our better group photos :) We are all in happy colours!

The food at Bodacious was not bad but the best thing was catching up with the girls. Our next gathering would probably be at Fidelis wedding which is coming up in a few weeks!! Time really flies! 

Outfit photo outside the restaurant! Shopped with Nadia at Bugis Street awhile back and we snapped up piece after piece including this floral top! The feeling was super shiok because we are both very fast when it comes to buying clothes! Ahem, I hope bf doesn't read this. Haha.

Birthday presents from them. Love!

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