Thursday, October 9, 2014


Finally got myself an air fryer! I recently attended ToTT's 4th anniversary event and before entering the cooking studio, I saw the air fryer selling at an offer price of $98 at the ToTT store and I thought it was too good a deal to miss, especially when the usual price was a hefty $299! Ever since we got it, my family has been using it to fry chicken chunks for supper, while Nadia also got one for herself too and she sent us a photo of her Nutella Cupcakes made using it! Can't wait for her to blog about it and share her recipe so that I can go try too!

For ToTT (Tools of The Trade)'s 4th anniversary, there are awesome discounts in store till end of October if you are keen to get yourself some cooking or baking tools! There are some "We are Four" $4 deals which I think are very worth it!

By the way, between 5th October to 31st October, special 1-hour cooking demonstrations are available for booking at an exclusive price of $28, which also includes a $20 ToTT voucher! You may go to to find out more :)

I am also giving away tickets to a session of cooking class on 19 October 2014 to 5 X readers! Just follow me on instagram (, then like and comment on the photo of me cooking in ToTT! More details about the class on

*Do note that the giveaway tickets will not include a $20 ToTT voucher, unlike the normal priced tickets.
As I was saying, I went to ToTT (Tools of The Trade) for a cooking session with Nadia and our partners :)

Here's how the cooking studio looks like! Spacious and clean! We shared a stove with nadskai!

Bf and me all ready to start cooking! Actually we often cook/bake together during our free time. Unlike how dramas usually depict loving couples in the kitchen together, we are not sweet at all when it comes to cooking. We usually separate the tasks and would individually get our things done. For example, I will cut and marinate the meat while he prepare the sauce, etc. Haha. But I am glad that we share the same interest!

The ingredients prepared for us.... Actually, this is cooking half done already! Imagine if we had to prepare all that ourselves! Would take quite some time I think.

Starting on the first dish! I really like having such a neat and big space to work on while cooking. Feels extremely good~! Also, I didn't have to wash the dishes myself. PLUS POINT. Haha.

We didn't really follow the sequence in the recipe, we just throw in everything then mix all!

Roll into balls and drop it into the soup of cabbage and flower crab!

Pretending to cook while posing for the camera. Haha.

While letting the soup boil, we moved on to the next dish! Bf hard at work cutting the chicken meat!

The fragrance of the shallots and spices were very inviting!

Afterwards we threw in the chicken and start mixing! The chef came to give us a hand because our sauce got dried up too quickly.

Final creations!! Ayam Buah Keluak and Meatball soup!

Someone trying to steal my soup!!! Haha.

Was quite a fun session! Wouldn't mind doing this more :)

This top has been in my wardrobe since forever and I finally wore it out, pairing it with a necklace I recently got from Zalora. I actually bought the exact same top as my sister after seeing how good it looks on her. Haha.


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