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Hong Kong: Victoria Peak

Most tourists to Hong Kong would include Victoria Peak in the itinerary and so did we! Madame Tussaud Wax Museum is located on top of the mountain and one of the ways to get to the top was to take the tram.

The queue to board the tram was extremely long, but luckily for us we had priority access as a tour group. We got to the front of the queue in no time, but it started getting crazy from here onward.

Tap this entry card into the gantry and begin the quest of jostling with everyone else who push and shove like there are lions chasing after them. Okay, I understand they queued really long, but why so aggressive?? The station master stops entry once the platform is full..... everyone gets to go up the tram!

The crowded platform while waiting for the tram to arrive. There were no railings and I was so afraid that someone behind would push me off into the tracks!

Finally the tram arrived and it was chaos trying to get up the tram. I have never experienced such a dangerous situation while boarding a tram. Everyone was trying to forcefully barge their way in, not bothering at all whether the person they are shoving is an old woman or young kid! I was quite annoyed but because I can fake a smile, here's a selfie on the tram which goes 45 degrees up the mountain! It was quite a nice ride actually, the view towards the top was really beautiful.

There were rows and rows of seats for everyone on the train. Need to push like it's the last train to a gold mine or not. Tsk!

Here's how the tram exterior looks like! I wonder how the journey down will feel like.... because it would become 45 degrees facing down! Well, I am just glad we are taking the coach down instead of the tram, I don't want another jostling scenario!

We went to visit the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum!

Andy Lau's wax figure~ Really look like him!

Louis Koo!!! Of course must take photo with him. Haha.

There were many figures but I decided to only take photos with the famous ones. Actually all of them are famous people la, I meant household names, the ones even my grandparents would know!

My sister became Ip Man's new disciple.

Does smart Einstein knows I am trying to imitate his pose?

Ethan Ruan~!!!!! Love him in the movie Monga, and idol dramas Fated To Love You and My Queen. Ethan seems to be thinking "who is this red shirt lady disturbing my time with Esther?!?!" Hahaha. It's okay la I can give her, I prefer Jerry Yan. But sadly, no Jerry Yan in the museum. Why??!

Tea time with Audrey Hepburn! I wonder if it bothers her that I am sitting so close to her, sticking my arms against hers, although I have so much space beside me. Is that an irritated expression I see on her face?? Haha.

Off on a date with Leon Lai on his bicycle!

Is Yao Ming too tall or am I too short?

Spotted mum and dad with Obama. Wah, mum very daring, go sit on his seat when he is just beside!

Miriam. I have ran out of captions already.

Dad and Michael Jackson. There was also Lady Gaga and Jay Chou in this music area!


Doramon and his anywhere door!

This pink Hello Kitty room very sweet and pretty! I don't mind my room looking like this! Hehe.

Piggies and a random aunty.

That's all for the museum! We headed out to the peak to see the view of Hong Kong. Snapped this one last photo before my camera ran out of battery :(

Took this using the phone! If not no evidence I have been there!

Our guide kindly took this family photo for us against the beautiful Hong Kong skyline :)

After that, we went back to our hotel at Happy Valley and after bathing, ventured out onto the streets to find supper. We wanted to try Hong Kong's wanton noodles and entered this shop just in time for its last order.

It is probably the best wanton noodles I ever had. HKD35 for just a small bowl, but the soup was tasty, the wanton was yummy with minced meat and prawns, while the noodles were really thin! I highly recommend all to try the wanton noodles from this shop!

Anyway, it was also the first time I ate an entire bowl of noodles so quickly because the staff had all left, except for one who was waiting for us to finish before he could leave. I gobbled down my noodles at record-breaking speed, which was quite a pity because good food should be slowly savoured!

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