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Hong Kong: Causeway Bay 2

It was our last day in Hong Kong and as we had a flight to catch in the evening, we couldn't venture far. Decided to go Causeway Bay again since we had so much fun previously. This time, it was daytime and it was a different experience but I still liked it as much.

I think overall this is a very fruitful Hong Kong since we explored most of the attractions that we were interested in. If only we had one more day and could visit Macau, it would be perfect! If I wasn't there with family, I might visit Lan Kwai Fong too. Otherwise, I think we managed to cover quite a lot and I am very satisfied! I actually love to have packed itineraries during vacations, and do as much as I can. Maybe because I don't get to travel often, I want to cherish every single moment. I probably would not want to wake up at 7am at home, but I am definitely ok to wake up before 7am when overseas! And then sleep at 3am. Hehe. I can sleep all I want back in Singapore after the trip!

We wanted to try Hong Kong breakfast so we visited a modern cha-chan-teng! The food was so GOOD! This is a simple bowl of noodle soup, but was very yum!!!

Glutinous rice.

Scrambled egg in soup? First time! Needless to say, this was fantastic too. Do Hong Kong people really have such awesome breakfast everyday???

Sandwich with egg and luncheon meat. I don't understand why even this simple fare can be so delicious. I wanna go back and have everything again!

Tea with milk, Hong Kong style.

Actually the reason why we entered this cha chan teng, was because we saw the crispy and juicy pork belly hanging at the display outside. It looks so good, we wanted to eat it so badly! However, it was not lunch time yet so we couldn't order that. Pork belly in Singapore is usually very dry... It should be like these: juicy and tender meat with crispy skin!

Went to walk around some shopping centers. I realize that there are many posh shopping centres selling all branded goods.

Attempted to take a "OOTD on the streets of Hong Kong" photo, while my parents are distracted by a shop beside!

Went to Forever 21 and had a shopping spree. Everything is so cheap here!

Daddy found a "lady" wearing couple clothes with him. HAHA.

Coincidentally me and sis wore the same color scheme! Grey on top and black below.

Aren't these the kind of streets we see in TVB dramas?? Such a pity that we didn't spot any celebrities throughout our stay in Hong Kong! It would be quite interesting to see them acting.

Hong Kong's double decker trams are quite a sight because they look so narrow! Haha.

We passed by a bakery and decided to buy eggtarts and it was so yummy! Previously we tried a quite mediocre one in Happy Valley but I am glad we managed to eat at least one good egg tart in Hong Kong!

Afterwards, we went to visit the Ikea in Hong Kong! It was quite fun since we regularly go to Ikea in Singapore and we could see the difference! In Hong Kong, the apartment showrooms are significantly smaller than the ones in Singapore. It was interesting to learn some creative storage methods and experience how it is like to have a small bedroom where everything is within reach. I feel it's quite cozy though!

Busy streets...

Wet market.

The thing about Hong Kong is, the banknotes. It is not standardize like Singapore, where we know how each note looks like. For example, $2 is purple, $10 is orange, $50 is blue, and so on. Also, we usually only have around 2 designs circulating in the market (old and new), it is easy to recognize. However in Hong Kong, notes are issued by different banks and a $10 note may have different colours and designs. So when paying for things and receiving change, one must take note of the number, as well as the currency, in case we get shortchanged for cheaper currency from other countries.

Photo of mum on the streets of Causeway Bay.

Bamboo everywhere.

Proper OOTD photo! I am actually wearing a one-piece dress from Earthdoll!

Afterwards we wanted have lunch and went around looking for a nice place that sells Pork Belly since we were craving it whole morning. Such long queue at this noodle shop, even after we finished eating at the eatery next door, the queue was still so long! Must be quite famous or something.

We ate at Fu Kee!

The display not as tempting as the breakfast place we had that morning....

The food was SO YUMMY here too. I have no idea why but almost every single restaurant we visit in Hong Kong serves good food. It's like a food paradise. I wanna go back just for the food! The food is probably my favourite thing about Hong Kong.

Steamed chicken, which is different from our Hainanese Chicken but BETTER. it is saltier, which suits me just right. The meat was also very tender.

Roast Geese, speciality of Hong Kong. It was kinda oily but SO SHIOK.

The pork belly obviously doesn't look as appetizing as the one we saw that morning but still good! Better than the ones in Singapore definitely. We had charsiew as well! Thought I would see charred black char siew in Hong Kong but I didn't see any.

Wanton Soup. I conclude Hong Kong people make awesome wanton.

At the airport waiting to board the plane!

Food on the plane. I am so glad that planes have food and movies to distract me from how scary it is to fly. I love travelling so much but I still have jitters about flying. If only there are skytrains/underground tunnels that link us from country to country!

Ending this entry here! I look forward to my next trip already!

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