Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Colourful Week

Suddenly had the idea to embark on a "colourful week" project where I post a flatlay of my belongings in different colour per day for one week on instagram. And since I already put so much effort in it, I shall post them on my blog too! It was fun laying the things out but very tiring to put everything back to where they originally belong!

Monday Blues

Yellow Tuesday
This is my favourite flatlay for the entire week!

Pink on Wednesday
Quite annoyed by a tiny misalignment but I already kept everything back before i realize! Taking this shot was easy because I have so many pink things!

Thursday Greens

Red Friday
All the things I love: bags, flowers, heels, painting, hello kitty, baking/cooking, pretty nails, and cosmetics.

Purple Saturday
I have so few purple items!

Orange Sunday
Last of the series.

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