Sunday, December 28, 2014

Isaac's Surprise Birthday Party

Met up with Benjamin and Randy for lunch at Supply & Demand before the surprise birthday party for Isaac!

Chose comfy sofa seats by the windows!

Snapped a short video! ^_^

Found a nice quiet spot for photos!

Tried to take a cool "crossing road" OOTD but failed miserably. Hahaha. Check out the passerby at the back, candid also nice!

Proper outfit photo! Skirt from Must be the umpteenth time I wore it out!

The party was at a suite in Regent Hotel. We hid in the bedroom with lights off and surprised Isaac when he came in! Hehe. Surprises are always fun!

Photo with the birthday boy! :) Much love because he is one I can count on to support me all these years.

Found a spot with nice lighting and began snapping many photos from the same angle! Lol.

Youth is awesome! I think we should all enjoy ourselves and have fun while we are still young, because these are the good old days we will all miss in the years ahead. Wonder how we would be like 10 years later!

Group photo with everyone after cake cutting!

More wonderful days like this please! :)


  1. Hi! Can I ask if it was difficult getting guests up into the room? Where they particular about noise?