Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Xmas gathering at Strangers Reunion

Christmas dinner with Nuffnang and Churpchurp peeps at Strangers Reunion yesterday! (Yes I know. I am so efficient. HAHA)

I have long heard of Strangers Reunion but it was my first time at this lovely cafe!

Christmas dinner spread. So meaty me love! Especially the crispy pork belly roulade!

Selfie with the ice latte because I just arrived and was feeling shy so I pretended to be busy with my camera. Haha.

After selfie, snap photo of nice things on the table.

After that I really got busy with my camera because I realize I have no more space left and had to clear some old photos away. I am a hoarder and I just can't bear to delete photos until I really have to.

Very funny when I got home I kept this gingerbread man in the fridge and when I opened the fringe door again, it dropped/jumped to the floor. It is trying to run away just like the real gingerbread man story!

Really happy that Isaac joined the Churp team! :) Now we can attend events together!

Dessert time!

Candy cane waffles!! What a cute name. Heard so much about the waffles at Strangers Reunion so I was excited to try it myself! This pink waffle is indeed yummy. My first time eating lychee rose buttermilk waffles!

The berry ricotta hotcakes are really good with the ice cream that came with it! Felt so sinful after that. Haha.

Group photo before everyone leaves!

Merry Christmas in advance!

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