Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Lokal

Just some photos taken at The Lokal awhile back when it was still new. Loved the vibe and the good service which many people also mentioned in their reviews. I liked the quirky furniture, as well as the flexibility of customizing our own platter from a list of common breakfast items. The grilled sausages left quite a good impression, and the smoked salmon came in a chunk instead of sliced like how it's usually done outside. Worth a visit!

The Lokal
136 Neil Road
Singapore 088865
Tel: (65) 6423 9918

Afterwards, we headed to The Pinnacle nearby because bf's friend told him that we can pay a few dollars to access the roof garden!

The view was so pretty!

Bf took this photo of me taking a photo of myself. Haha. Anyway, bf and his friend wanted to walk somemore but I was already tired, so I said I will sit on this lawn chair to wait for them. Just as they walk away, I saw a bee coming in my direction so I quickly siam, and ended up stuffing my heel into a pool of mud on the wet grass. Wahlao -_-

Bf's mini stage. Haha.

Outfit of that day was this polkadot dress c/o www.earthdoll.co! I liked the comfy material a lot!

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