Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Let's talk about courtship!

Everytime I watch a drama, there's bound to be some love story in it and those scenes are my favourite part. After watching I would lay in bed, heart melting, dreaming....

I even went to search for idol drama confession scenes on YouTube before. Cos I wanted that feeling, but wasn't watching any show at the moment. Lol. So shortcut lor haha but it's not easy to find lah. Most of the time still need to watch the entire drama just to catch those few scenes.

My favourite type of "love story" are those 日久生情 type. I cannot understand love at first sight. For me first sight at most attraction only lor, where will feel so much? At most I'd go "omg so cute I wanna marry him" but I wouldn't really marry him cos his looks are the only thing I feel about him?

I don't believe those that say "Love" when they haven't even had enough conversations or experiences together.

Whereas in 日久生情 type of love, usually the pair will start off as friends, then start having feelings for each other without knowing, progress to some 暧昧, then confession. Wah this one then sweet please. I like!

The fact that both probably already know each other's flaws, but yet cannot control liking each other. You know what is 情不自禁? Lol. Then there must be some struggle at first when you realise you like him. Hahahaha drama leh.

Personally for me, I think I'm very awkward in those 刻意 situations. I can never excel at blind dates or at those Friend-intro-Friend-but-actually-is-matchmake type of sessions cos I would be too self conscious.

Most of my past serious suitors started off as friends, and after daily interactions, then naturally fall in love one. I guess it's like this for most people, our charms are hidden within and only discovered by the few close ones.

So as you can see, I don't like those who start chasing so soon (e.g see her twice from afar/ two encounters/ etc). Got so easy to fall in love one meh?

Actually my current BF chased me within days of knowing me. We did hang out daily and our texts were the entire day type, so it's not totally without reason. But exactly because it was so soon, I didn't really believe the possibility of him liking me so fast lor.
In the end I did accept him seeing his sincerity and I do like spending time with him.

But the love definitely only sprouted after many months into the relationship. I'm sure it's the same for him too~ He may be more diligent with "chasing" me at the start, but somehow I feel more 感情 now than before?

So yes, this also means I missed out on the full-blown sweet courtship cos when he was chasing me, the feelings weren't mutual -_- so lugi lor must make him chase me all over again right haha.

Ever since I got together with my BF more than four years ago, I frequently dreamt of sweet courtships. Sometimes it's with some cute celebrity, and other times, a hot stranger that I probably never even met before in real life. Told BF that this must be deprivation. I crave for all these sweetness so much that I'm even dreaming about it at night.

He didn't get the hint -_-

Nevermind lor. At least I get sweet dreams right? Sometimes I go to sleep hoping it'd be one of those dreams again hahahaha.

All you single people out there, make sure you slowly enjoy the courtship period because it'd never be the same anymore! A relationship can still be sweet after a long time but it's just different lo....

Like now, sometimes I still smile to myself when I think about some things my BF say, but I wouldn't stay up at night with my heart beating fast thinking about him? Lol. Now I beat fast only when I looking at Jerry Yan on my laptop screen lor.

Hahahah. Jialat gonna kena scold already when he reads this post later heh heh.


OMG IM SUPER SAD. I forgot to tell my BF I'm meeting Clare for dinner today and he came to surprise me at my office. In the end he had to go home alone. Felt like I wasted his effort! :(

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