Saturday, March 3, 2012

On the seas

On The Seas

We decided to have dinner at Pavilion again. Wrong choice, because the Mediterranean Terrace was serving BBQ food for that night!!! :( Should have went there instead.

Didn't really liked the spread that night. I dislike broccoli, so I ate none of that. The Fried Wanton mee was more like fried dry noodles.. The prawns and chicken was not bad though,

We called for two servings of this fish because I deeply love steamed fish in soya sauce! ^_^ I can eat 3 serving by myself no problem! But my face de skin not so thick..... ask for one more enough already!

We found the mahjong room with superb sea view! 3 uncles were playing at one table and I told mum "Eh, they San Que Yi leh, you go ask if they need you to play lah!" haha.

The outfit I wore for the night was from!

I like it a lot and Mum likes it too! Too bad irons weren't allowed on the ship so it was kinda crumpled after being stuffed into the luggage. I personally love the design of this outfit because of the unique layering and cut.

Check out and their collections! If you are on a budget, you may also click into the Sale Tab, where they have items starting from $5! (Yep, the sale section is where I found this pretty outfit!)

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Their new arrivals got some really nice Spring pieces. Also check out the Playsuits and Faux Snake Skin Clutches.... very classy!

Best thing is.... Quote "Esther" for the whole of March to enjoy 10% off total bill!

Mum at the Helipad deck.

Wind is messing up my hair!

We went back inside to wait for the show at Lido to start. While Mum taking this picture, I asked "Look like Queen anot. Queen sit like this one right"... At that time it does felt like a queen seat when I placed my hands on the arm rest like that but now I see the picture I find it stupid. Haha.

We damn kiasu, was there super early and was first few in queue.

2nd row seats for us! Compared to the previous night where we watched the acrobatics show from balcony seats, this was so much better!! Wonder why balcony seats are usually sold as VIP seats when it is so far away. The only benefit is having a coffee table!

Check out the stage curtain. I LOVE IT. Isn't it mesmerizing?? Very fantasy looking don't you think?

That night was the Crew show. The ship's crew performing. This show was my FAVORITE throughout the cruise trip. I enjoyed myself very much and the performers seem to enjoy themselves too.

I think this segment was the favorite of every audience. One of the staff impersonated Michael Jackson and danced to several of his famous tunes.

After the show, the crew had to get back to work and it was a funny sight to see the girls shifting tables in for the next show in their performing saris.

It was Jackpot Bingo time! Winning prize was $32K I think. The emcee was damn funny that night!! Several member of the audience kept shouting fake "bingo"s and got him so mad LOL. There was a family sitting on the first row and he said to them "have you heard the phrase.... the family that plays together................................... loses together. Hahahahah" One of the family member threw something at him upon hearing that. I laughed so much at this lottery segment!

Our lottery ticket, which costs SGD15. We did not win though! But it was an hour well spent in my opinion. Cos very funny!

Never win Jackpot Bingo so we went to the Casino again! Haha. Never win lah. Sometimes I think that it might have something to do with the ship's traveling direction fengshui.At one point I kept winning when the ship was making a turn! But after that I lose back to the casino lah. Sian!

It was supper before we went back to bed and the next morning we had Chinese breakfast since we had western the day before.

Custard Egg bun. Quite nice! But better to eat when it's warm.

Okay, gonna blog about the Phuket shore excursion in another entry after I finish sorting them out!

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