Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why I keep everything to myself

I feel extremely stressed out by external comments on my life.

Sometimes I really wish I could make my own decisions without people judging. Left or right, whatever choice I make, it's all wrong. Why can't people be more encouraging and say nicer things? Why can't people just stop raining on my ALREADY WET parade? Do you all like to see me stay miserable and stuck in this stupid spot? Leave some hope for me can or not?? If you are not going to help pull me out, at least don't push me back into the hole can? I know sometimes people mean well. But it's really very discouraging for people who are trying hard to climb out of negativity.

THIS IS PRECISELY THE REASON WHY I ALWAYS PREFER TO KEEP EVERYTHING INSIDE MYSELF. This is why I prefer to pretend that everything is fine, everything is alright.


  1. Same here.I must say I understand and know exactly how it is.

  2. I know exactly how that is. Same here