Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tried on Hanboks first time!

I was at Korea Plaza for some work thingy and after finishing my stuff, I went to try on the Hanboks available at the photobooth! :P

My first time wearing Hanbok! How? Got look more demure or not? Check out the painting behind. Got ladies bathing and peeping toms! Lol.

I like the hanboks featured below! Too bad they are mini size haha.

Shoes to match! Oh ya, I also saw children hanbok on the rack...

Tried on another brighter design. Anyone can wear a Hanbok because even if you are stick-thin, you look fat in one! Lol. So if you are fat, you can wear a Hanbok and pretend you are actually thin, just fat because of the Hanbok. Hahaha.

That's all the photos I took! At least I've tried a Hanbok before. Next I want to try other culture's traditional clothes! I've only tried before Malay costume during Racial Harmony Day in secondary school....

If you are interested, you can head down to Korea Plaza, just beside Samsung Hub near Raffles Place Mrt. The photobooth is open for anyone. If you not shy. Lol.