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One issue that has been troubling me is my hair.

Yes, I love my hair. But there's just one little issue that I've not really spoken about.

I think I'm suffering from hair loss. To the point that many people asked if I have rebonded my hair but no, I have not done it before. It's straight only because my hair is very fine and I actually have very little hair. I used to have a much thicker and wavy mane but I do not remember from when onwards, my hair started thinning.

If you have met me in real life, you would have noticed that I always separate my hair into two parts and put them in front. From the back, you can see a very obvious and wide separation line.

That did not bother me as much as the TOP part of my hair. Let me show you a picture I took recently. No edit have been done to this picture except cropping.

Horrible right? I felt very self-conscious about it but I did not really bother to do much about it because I did not know where to find a solution.

But earlier this week, I tried my first session with TK Trichokare. TK Trichokare is a holistic hair and scalp centre that provides European Herbal Remedies (consisting of natural botanicals such as Jojoba, Rosemary, Nettles, Burdock, Aloe Vera and Lavender) catered to all hair conditions.

Here's a little more about Trichokare.

Trichokare was started by a certified trichologist who pioneered the concept of establishing a hair care centre that provides a comfortable and luxurious environment while providing hair care through European herbs.

Trichokare is the first ISO 9002 certified trichological centre in Singapore. Tricho is from ancient Greek, meaning or referring to hair - hence at Trichokare, it means "care for your hair".

After filling in information about myself and my hair, I was led into a consultation room to find out more about my hair.

I learnt that up to 40% of women in Singapore are suffering from thinning hair! Sadly, I guess I'm one of them.

I always pull out a lot of hair when I comb after shampooing everyday. Because my hair is kinda tangled, I tend to brush my hair forcefully and vigorously. I asked the consultant if shampooing my hair everyday is one of the causes of my balding spot. The consultant said that it is actually right to shampoo our hair everyday. Many people have the misconception that shampooing hair results in hair loss but not shampooing your hair for a few days will result in even more hair fall when you finally do!

The consultant showed the magnified version of my scalp and it showed that my scalp is clogged. She showed me some graphics to help me understand my problem better. I also learnt many hair facts from her! Do you know that hair stay on your head for 3-6 years on average, and each person has a limit of 20-25 regrowth? Means if your hair stays on your hair for 3 years and you only have 20 times of regrowth chances, you would be bald by the time you are 60! At Trichokare, they try to let your hair have a lifespan of around 5 years. This way, 20-25 regrowth chances means that you can still have hair even when you are 100+ years old!

There were charts to show how healthy hair is deep into the scalp and grasp by nutrients, but thinning hair falls off easily because it is not deep in enough.

After the consultation, I then started on my treatment. It felt like a pampering, all natural herbal spa treatment!

I had massages and serum treatment on my hair. Here are some pictures!

The aroma is a treat for the senses!

Robotic infra-red machine for my hair.

After the treatment, I went back to the consultation room to check out my scalp again and I was glad to see that it was not so clogged anymore!

The computer keeps a data of all customers so that we can track the improvements after each treatment.

Trichokare’s trichologist is a member of the International Association of Trichologists and is endorsed by Diana Ser.

T.K Trichokare uses a broad array of European herbs and botanicals to deliver a natural solution that achieves results – their herbal treatments not only smell great, but are also healthy.

(Picture: Sage)

Best of all, they are backed by centuries of history, and you don’t need to take any pills or medicines. Here are a variety of natural herbs that are used in TK Trichokare treatments!

1. Rosemary: prevents premature hair loss and provides colour to graying hair
2. Aloe Vera: Improves blood circulation under the scalp to deliver nutrients to the hair follicles.
3. Nettle: Adds softness and shine to your hair. Also improves the strength and manageability of longer hair.
4. Jojoba: Regulates sebum (oil) production and prevents the accumulation of toxins in hair follicles
5. Burdock: Anti dandruff properties, reduces scalp itching and helps to prevent scalp allergies.
6. Chamomile: can be used to treat inflamed or irritated skin, also adds shine and lustre to long hair
7. Chicory: commonly used to treat irritated or inflamed scalp, also provides natural colour for graying hair.
8. Leopard’s Bane: also known as Arnica, Leopard’s Bane is used for dandruff control and to promote hair growth.

One of the herb used in my treatment was Lavender.

Trichokare also have a variety of natural herbal remedies for use at home.

They have 3 outlets in Singapore!

Wheelock Place

Velocity@Novena Square

The Clementi Mall

Remember to call ahead for an appointment!
6-3388-680 (11am - 8pm)
Find out more at their website:

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