Wednesday, March 7, 2012


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I went to watch Love 'Ai' last week and I love the movie!

It's directed by Doze Niu.
Erm, although he is counted an old man... But I can't help but think that he's quite charming leh. Haha. Last time when he acted in Monga, I was thinking... "eh, he got the Seh".... Then when I watched him in Love again, it's like "ok, I think I'm the only young girl attracted to him".... Haha! He can be my ah-gong lor!

So anyway, I was initially looking foward to Shu-Qi and Ethan Ruan's love story in the movie but I ended up feeling that their relationship was quite 'Blah' and unromantic... I had some heartbeats for Mark Chao and Zhao Wei's romance - I think they are my favorite parts. Haha. And I liked the part about Shu-Qi with Doze Niu. The whole story was very interlinked and I think it's a good movie overall~! Love the little meanings behind the stories. I don't like the triangle love story between the younger ones though, I felt that it made me pessimistic about love. Haha. And, the show was very funny. Go catch it if you haven't!

I wore this lovely dress to the movie. I got it from MORECOTTON.

Another dress I got from MORECOTTON was this long black dress. Haven't found an occasion to wear it though. Would be lovely to wear this to a ball or formal event.

Attended Nuffnang's 5th Birthday Bash at Swissotel and wore this, also from MORECOTTON. Will blog about the event soon!

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