Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Mystery Makan- Queens

It was 'Mystery Makan' again with the girls, and this time it was Jacelyn's turn! She asked us to meet at Harbourfront but as I was late, she gave me the name of the restaurant "Queens" and I made my way to the restaurant myself... It was located off the main road and difficult to find. Mystery indeed!

The cab driver didn't know of "Queens". Every single passer by I asked had no idea. Every staff nearby the area was unsure.

It was located in the middle of the Sentosa Boardwalk (Bridge walkway from Vivocity to Resorts World Sentosa). Slightly nearer to Vivocity side. My cab driver dropped me off at Resorts World Sentosa and I had to find it from there! Almost halfway across the bridge, Jacelyn called and she said I was going the wrong direction so I turned back and when I reached back to where I started from (Resorts World Sentosa), she realised that I was walking the correct direction the previous time. Hilarious!!! I had to walk back again. Hahaha. But it's okay, because after being super late and walking so much, the restaurant is this little pretty place!!

From what I know, the whole area was new. My camera was still broken at that time, so the photos in this entries are either from my compact cam or Fidelis'. The clear and sharp ones are hers. Mine are the blur ones!

Sweet belated Christmas and Valentines gift from Fidelis! Her packaging is always so nice!

The whole ambiance was very interesting.

We ordered the set meal which was $30++. Salad comes first. Quite yummy, for someone like me who don't eat salad most of the time.

The soup is goodness! I had a good time savouring every last drop of the mushroom soup.

My main course was this chicken chop thingy. Very big slice I must say!

Me with my chicken chop!


I think this one below was pork.



The other girls and their food!

Icecream scoops for dessert!

As you can see, the food here was quite normal, like the usual western place. But I think the place is worth a try, especially for the decor. It is quiet indoor, and outdoor seem quite nice too!

It was dark by the time we finished dinner. If I had a date that night, the walk along the waters would have been very romantic!

Here's a photo of me and Fidelis :)

Blur outfit photo! Top is from MissQueenie, comes in other colors as well.

Queens Dessert Cafe Bistro
6 Sentosa Gateway #01-05, Sentosa Boardwalk, Singapore 098072
Tel: 63769326

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