Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Heart Of House

Heart Of House

We went to visit Heart Of House, a new casual diner located at Kim Tian Road.

I felt that the decor was half old-american style and half chinese-retro style. Check out the mosaic floor tiles! The owner said that one of the reasons why they chose this space to start the diner was because of the tiles!

Sis and me.

Nope, it's not working anymore. Purely for decoration purpose!

It's not just about the decor. The food was surprisingly good. When I say "surprisingly", it's because usually restaurants with pretty decor have so-so food. But I have to say, the food here triumphs the design easily. The calamari is a fantastic appetizer choice.

I ordered the mushroom omelette. It's quite yums, although I would recommend it to be for sharing with your dinner mates as having only eggs and mushroom for dinner is not really that satisfying.

I love this dish! It's some fried chicken cutlet with cheese and bacon on top of it. Somehow tastes like pizza perhaps due to the tomato and cheese sauce, but it's very hearty and good.

The pork ribs are one of their chef recommendations and star dishes. We ordered a platter and it was huge! The meat was not tough at all and the taste is very memorable. I'm craving for it right now just as I type this!

More decor pictures... This is an old weighing scale.

My top is from TheFashionStreet! And that top on my sis is only $2! I think it looks not bad and very cheap! Easy to match for different looks too. Her shorts is my mum's, from probably 2 decades back. Haha.

Bill for 3 ended up around $60+... That's 3 drinks, 3 mains and 1 appetizers. The price is quite reasonable I think!

If you are keen to drop by, details here:

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  1. Wow! I love these tiles! I want to renovate all my bathroom, and I am thinking about putting some tiles from Roca, because they have beautiful designs. They are very similar to these, old-vintage looking! :)