Friday, May 18, 2012

Shopping with Family

I think it was a public holiday and the family went to Orchard together!

Had dimsum lunch!

Love the Kong Ba Bao (not in photo), Har Gao and Egg Custard Bun! Oh ya, and the Paper-Wrap-Chicken "Zi Bao Ji"!

Walk passed this shop selling bread with noodles inside. My dad said:
“这才是真正的 -  面 (Noodle) 包 (Bread) !” Haha if you can read chinese you'd understand.

Wore a simple pink dress for shopping. The dress material is good and comfy! The design is very versatile and suitable for many occasions, such as attending events, shopping and work. Got it from :) Just received another package of new clothing from them. Happy!

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