Friday, May 25, 2012

Best Individual Blog - Finalists

Hi Everyone~ I'm here to announce something happy! :)

I'm one of the finalists for Singapore Blog Awards 2012, under the category Best Individual Blog! I started blogging since 2006 and it has been 6 years already. From a teenager to a young adult, a bunch of readers have watched me slowly grow up. I feel very lucky and thankful to have this platform to share all my ups and downs with you readers.

If you do not already know, I blog mainly about myself, my life, my feelings and my experiences. I do not have any niche or especially interesting content but I'm happy that this blog is raw and true, like a personal diary. Can this be counted as my individual style?

The other finalists in the same category are strong competitors with their own individual unique points, so I really need your support! If you like reading my blog, kindly vote for me -

Thank you! I hope you win the "voters" prize!!!

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