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While writing this entry I'm also happily snacking on Tao Kae Noi Seaweed! It has been around for quite a long time already but I only recently tried it because my sister's boyfriend bought two packets for us and we fell in love with it! I eat one piece and I can't stop myself from reaching for one more. I bought home 3 packets more that day. Haha.

So anyway, today's entry is not about seaweed. Today's entry is about this mint green dress I wore to Daddy's birthday celebration which I blogged about in yesterday's entry.

This piece on my is "Beth Chiffon Midi in Mint"... You can't see the details clearly on my photos but you can head over to Viva La Moda to look at the dress! I love the mini dress lining underneath the chiffon layers, which add interesting detail to the dress :)

Blogshops are now "dime-a-dozen"--but not all blogshop owners scour supplier after supplier, and so thoughtfully selects each and every item--where only those that are the most flattering and highest in quality are carefully chosen for their valued customers.

Being customers themselves, the owners understand the importance of customers service--not only do they reply emails promptly and extremely politely, they also keep you updated of the item of your interest every step of the way--from the time you enquire about it to the time when it's been mailed. (Some blogshops become tardy in their updates once payment has been verified, and don't even tell you when exactly the item is mailed--this sometimes makes estimating the delivery date difficult)

They only stock very limited quantities of each item, to ensure that your piece stays unique (less chances of clashing!)

Check out two of their pretty pieces from the new collection:

VivaLaModa also seeks to offer an extremely informative and amusing description for each item. They not only provide suggestions on how to pair items and accessories with the item, but also has a silver lining--the descriptions are extremely humorous! So you get a good laugh while shopping--something you definitely will not get very often!

They stock a wide variety of casual, chic, back-to-school pieces as well as formal, suitable-for-work dresses for you to ace that interview or presentation. You are bound to find one that fits into your wardrobe needs!

Some of my favorites from past collections:

Ariel Scallop Dress

Bailey Cut-out Mesh Dress
This dress is gorgeous!

Berkley Skater Dress with Striped Hem
This is cute!

Balencia Duo-Coloured Top
This versatile top can be matched easily for almost any occasion! It also has a functional back zipper, made of quality polyester and is non-sheer!

Can't wait to click on their web now? WAIT!!!!
My readers will also get a 10% off discount! Just quote "estherlovesVLM"!


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