Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lots Gourmet Stop

A couple of weeks back, I had dinner at this Australian-style casual cafe in the extreme east side of Singapore! The place is quite inaccessible, but there's a bus stop nearby I think.

Let me share some photos of the interior first!

One side of the wall was completely red, with several decor items. Love these plates on display. The cupcake and armchair plates are too cute!

Fake window directly beside us. There were regular tables and also high tables.

I do not know how I should describe the decor, but I must say I quite like it! Judging from the decor, my friend guessed that the owner must be a female. And after some research online after our dinner, my friend was indeed right!

The cafe was separated into two-tiers. Did not take photos of that, but there was a wall with grills which you could clip whatever you want. There were some interesting postcards here and there but the wall also had several name cards left by customers I presume.

They had a cute chandelier made of forks and spoons! So apt for a diner isn't it?

A normal but gorgeous chandelier.

We ordered 'chicken skin' for appetizer. It comes in the form of Salad topped with deep fry chicken skin and some sauce. Quite nice on its own!~

My main course was a roast chicken dish. It was supposed to come with veggies but I paid extra for the sunny side ups I think.

My friend had pasta.

The toilets had this cute exterior design!

I wore this top from, paired with my own skirt and tights. The top was sheer with shiny straps!

I went to so many more interesting cafes recently! Can't wait to blog about them all. I ought to start looking for other activities besides eating, or else I'd have to change my blog title from Lifestyle to Food already!

Lots Gourmet Stop
965A Upper Changi Road North, Changi Garden, Singapore
Mon–Thu: 11am – 4pm
Fri–Sun: 10am – 10pm
Tel: 6633 9651

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