Sunday, May 27, 2012



Went out with Isaac and Benjamin a couple of days back and they took my phone to set up an Instagram account! Friends around me have been pestering me to sign up but I have never particularly took any interest to it. Moreover, the username "estherxie" has been taken and I did not want to re-use "iceangel". In the end they decided on "theiceangel", which is the same as my twitter account. Okay then! So, we took a photo on the spot and uploaded my first picture!

This photo looked better when it's small and on the phone! :(

After that I got kinda hooked and have posted up 3 more photos. Find me on instagram - theiceangel!


Received this box of Zappyboy everyday wipes at my doorstep about a week ago! So many, and in different colors too.

It is so refreshing for the hot weather recently and I love the fragrance. My mum, my dad, my sis and my friends already took some and they all love it. The packaging is cute and good to bring out. There are 15 wipes in one packet, enough for daily use!


Cosmic-Hearts has a range of stylish apparels, like the one above -Wing Tipped Collar Top! Other pieces that caught my eyes are "Owl Maxi Tank" and "Floral HW Shorts".

The designs featured are all trendy and wearable!

Those who quote " Esther Xie's readers" gets free normal postage!!! ^^


Pretty Moi is an online webstore that carries affordable and chic fashion for working and non-working adults. I love the feminine designs in store! My readers will be entitled to 5% discount plus complimentary normal mail. Please quote "ESTHER" at the discount box upon checkout of your items.
Promotion ends Sunday, 3rd June 2012.

Let me end off this entry with a funny picture my friend sent to me!

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