Wednesday, September 27, 2006

alright. something to brighten everyone's day:

i feel so super.
didnt went online yesterday, cos i spent the whole day just to complete prelim's art project. it was supposed to be handed up this morning, but i had not even started on at least one page! gahs~ i hate that "aiya-last-minute-then-do-lor" attitude in me. i keep having to burn midnight oil because of it~ hahas. at least i've completed it now =)

my topic was footwear and here are some of the scraps that i drew:

this is abstract high-heels. hahas. sometimes high-heels makes our feet really painful when we walk on it for alot of hours. it looks like a fierce fish, but it's actually a reptile/dragon:

the base is a little crooked =X
speaking of shoes and models, that day while me and shunlai were walking past tampines interchange, two guys came up to us. it turned out that they are from a modelling agency, poaching for new faces. hahas. however, shunlai said that in this agency, we must pay $200+ for the portfolio first before we would get any modelling projects, so in the end we said we dont want, and walked away.

oh well, we went to Toy'R'us. have nothing to do then videoed this;

it's so cute~!! well, it looks better in real life. my sister went crazy over it after seeing the video. hahas.

.... and here's my FIRST photo i took with my new spects.
i think i look wierd =(

Copy 1 of Picture0060


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