Thursday, September 21, 2006

ate KFC today.
got disgusted by the amount of OIL and FATS there, and decided to forgo the chicken skin.
-.- hahas.

oh well, i remember reading up physics notes lastnight, and realised that if we stand on the moon, our weight there would be 1/6 of our weight on Earth. i want to live there. if i live there, i can proudly tell people that my weight is a single-digit number, and no one will call me fat. =D
eh.. No. single-digit weight sounds wierd.
gahs~ nevermind.. i shall stick to my current weight. actually i dont mind the weight. i mind the fats la~!! hahas. i would rather weigh 100kg and have a slim and gorgeous figure than weigh 35kg and look like a big pumpkin. hohos.

speaking of fat, look at this.

it's supposed to be Jennifer Lopez Before and After giving birth.

i was surfing yahoo when i found that. it's a wonder how they could photoshop it till it looks so real huh? i want someone to 'photoshop' me in real life to become slimmer~~ hahas.

well, anyway, i wont look good when im slim anyway, because.........................
i've just changed my spectacles. (my old spectacle broke =X )
it's still frameless, except that the colour and shape is different..
i think i look wierd now =(
aaahhhs~~!! turn back the time and let me choose a different spectacle again!

hmmms. goodnews is that my short-sightness degree decreased :)
......but my 'shan guang' increased.
chey. give away one badthing liao den another badthing come.

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