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Sunday, September 17, 2006

im EVIL~!
im going to hunger you guys with photos of FOOD.


hahas. this was my dinner yesterday.
i totally LOVE CHICKEN CHOPS- without beans.

this was my lunch today. since i ate such a heavy dinner yesterday, i guessed that i have to eat something light to cover up yesterday's intake of fats. hahas. however, it seems that the auntie loved me too much and gave me SO MUCH beehoon that it's almost equilvalant to eating Meat!



heh heh. i ate it up immediately when it was served. too irresistable =X

this post is lame.
are you drooling already?? hahas.

alright, i guess only the first photo looked tempting.

( note: i did NOT ate all that food in one day la. hahas. )

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