Wednesday, September 6, 2006

hey guys, sorry for the short entries recently, so here's one long entry to satisfy your thirst. hahas.
(actually it's only long because there are photos~~)

well, i went to chinatown yesterday, broad daylight.
hahas. the last time i went to chinatown was during the Chinese New Year festivals, but it was nighttime.China town should be a place where we can see china chinese people all around, but the angmohs i saw there are way more than chinese people. everywhere, you'll see at least one angmoh. hahas. this place should change its name to angmohtown soon.

hahas. anyway, i saw several angmoh tourists sitting on rickshaws touring the place. hmms. i hope they would have a chance to sit on the MRT or taxi.. or else when they go back to their hometown, those people over there would thought singapore is a place where you travel around uncomfortably in rickshaws =.=

Along more 'chinese' and quieter streets, there are lots and lots of Singapore Lonely Ahpeks. whenever we walk past them, they would look at our legs, and smile at us with that 'hungry-for-sex' kind of look. yucks. i feel like telling them right in their face: "UNCLE! WE ARE UNDERAGE HOR. " hahas. however, i didnt dare to go near their wolfy faces, so well, i just tolerated the stares. omg. i wasnt even wearing a mini skirt~!

hmmms. SCOOTER?? it's been a long time since i last saw a scooter, except those PizzaHutDelivery kind. hahas.

the best thing that i got from going to Chinatown, is this eggtart. Yum Yum, it's very very delicious. the others are also quite nice though.

after that, being fillial, we went to visit grandfather's house.Grandpa has this full view mirror which makes you look thin. hahas. but i dont look thin in the photo though. maybe it only works in real-life?

as usual, Camwhoring again. hahas.omg, i dont even look like myself. who's this girl????
hahas. i guess im getting addicted to photoshop whitening. TOO WHITE LIAO LA~!!

im definitely convinced that photoshop is a real liar.and well, one photo without spectacles.

hmms. that's all.



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