Thursday, September 7, 2006

hmms. it seems that i've been more active in msn than the past few months. i used to isolate myself from those unknown people in msn, by not even signing into it. hahas. reason being, there are lots of strangers adding me in msn when i dont even know where they got my email address =.=

alright, but it seems that msn is quite fun this few days, as i realised that this is the only thing i can multi-task in. hahas.

well, anyways, one of my previous date talked to me in msn that day, and he told me that he had never seen me wearing makeup before. =.= well, i did! ..... hmmms. only the first few dates actually. as time pass, i assumed that it was not necessary to put on makeup anymore when i go out with him. hahas. i guess things are really like that sometimes. when you have something for a long period of time, you just take it for granted and never even try to maintain it. look at all those old couples. how many are as loving as 30 years ago? well, maybe 1 out of 10?
this morning i was at the bustop when i saw an old woman reprimanding her poor old husband. i mean, scolding your husband non-stop in a public bus stop? well, she should have at least noticed the bystanders' looks and stop scolding, at least till they get home.
her poor husband looked so embarrassed~!
hahas. im sure that old woman was sweet and gentle when she was in her twenties, during the guy's courtship. but now, look at her =/

hmmms. i guess people should really stop taking things for granted. who knows one day, you might be deprived of those things?

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