Friday, September 22, 2006

it seems that i could not resist Chickens this few days.

yesterday's lunch, KFC: kentucky fried chicken.

yesterday's dinner, chicken rice.

today's lunch, chicken chop.
-.- hahas. it was the first time i ate this chicken chop from this stall. i was so paisei at the BIG plate la. hahas. because it was foodcourt, the table was kinda small, and Shunlai's pig-organ soup was 4 times smaller than my plate. hahas. however, the chicken chop was great~! ..... i always thought that the chicken chop stall near my house was the greatest in the world, but i realised today that this foodcourt chickenchop is way better. wakaka.

it's actually good to eat chickens~ i've once saw this science report on internet, that says that eating chicken would make you feel happy. it has something to do with our hormones. hahas. and yea, my favourite meat is chicken!~

alright. here are some random things.

drawn and photoshopped;
this photo was taken before i changed spectacles.
........... my last photo with that spectacle and it looked so retarded.


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