Monday, September 25, 2006

morning? terrible.
firstly, bad hair day.
after retying my hair for about 4 times, i still look wierd.
grrrr. in the end i looked up at the clock and realised that if i do not start getting my butt out of my door soon, i'll be late for school again. hahas. other than macdonalds, it's always my hair that makes me late everytime.
stupid hair. sometimes i wish i could have a personal hairstylist to tie my hair everyday.

anyways, that's not exactly the bad part about this morning.
i waited for the lift. something about the lift pissed me off, but i dont know how to explain it in words, so well, forget it.
i got into the lift finally, and while i was peacefully enjoying the lift ride down, the lift suddenly stopped at the 5th storey. guess what i saw outside the lift??
NO ONE. just a cat sitting there, looking at me. *shudders*
of course i was frightened and immediately pressed [DoorClose] for about a dozen times. gah~ i dunoe what i would do if the cat enters the lift. *phew*
fiona said: "CATS CAN PRESS LIFT??" when i told her about it. hahas.

well, when the lift stopped at the ground floor, the lift opened for about 15 centimetres, and then suddenly slammed shut, following with a wierd sound.
shit. i was super terrified by it, that i rushed out of the lift immediately when the lift opened again.
i almost missed my school's bus-stop cos i was busy sleeping away.
then, i was also almost knocked down by a car while crossing the road to school.

-.- wow.
lucky that was the end.

the rest of the day was quite okay.
the best part is EATING~! hahas.

as you guys know, i totally love chicken. so guess what i ate for lunch?

Teriyaki CHICKEN hotplate~~ walalalala. =D
shunlai ate blackpepper chicken. hahas. actually both of our chicken look the same.

After that we met up with his friend, kai. we watched him eat at LongJohnsSilver. he ate CHICKEN. -.- hahas.

it's a happy CHICKEN day.


and yea, look what i found at a giftshop:

take note of the first two words =)
hahas. actually, i dun think it's very accurate la.


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