Thursday, September 14, 2006

here's one random update. i have absolutely no idea what im gonna blog about, because there seems to be no interesting things happening recently.

first of all, to freshen you guys up, here's something beautiful:

hahas. i've just changed my black boring desktop background to this picture. that means that everytime i log in, i would see a beauty appear in front of me. after which i would look into the mirror and cry at the big difference between us. lol. after wasting 1001 tears, i'll look back into the computer screen and carry on with life.

went out with 'Tree" today. he wanted to buy a gift for someone he's chasing, but he doesnt want to buy jeweleries because he thinks it's too common. i suggested flowers, because personally i love receiving flowers from guys.
but, he said flowers are common too -.- he said that every guy give flowers, so it's not special. furthermore, he explained that real flowers die in afew days and fake flowers represent fake love.
i think his opinion represents half the male population out there. hmms. sometimes guys are so realistic -.- girls just love that particular moment when they receive the flowers. it doesnt matter how long those flowers last....right? hahas.

anyway, that day my whole house blacked out, and i had to play the hero and switch the main switch back. the main switch is at the top hidden corner of my storeroom... and my storeroom is those kind of storerooms that is so filled up with 'things', that you cannot even step even one feet into it. i figure out how to climb up to the top, by first stepping on the vacumn cleaner (which luckily didnt break), stepping on a unstable ladder, a stack of pails, some unknown packages, and some bags of something. i reached the top, and switched the main switch back. Feeling rather adventurous, i started climbing my way down. alright, i slipped and injured my feet.

nevermind, that's call
i saved a whole tank of fishes from dying due to the lack of oxygen hor~!
if i hadnt sacrificed injuring my feet to switch the main power, their oxygen tank would not even start, and they would not even survive till now to welcome me home everyday.

i did a good deed~!

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