Sunday, September 10, 2006

just another photo-update, AGAIN~!
hahas. nothing interesting.
met ah hao wearing this,

after that, went to Fiona's house. i reached there before 11am, and we ended up leaving the house only at 1230pm. this shows how long fiona takes to get ready. hahas. anyway, i changed into this purple top at her house. alright. it looks black in the photo.. hohos.

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when we reached bugis, the only thing i could think of was:
"i want to eat!!! "

Yoshinoya's Teriyaki Chicken is awesome~! i threw away the carrots and broccoli though. i dunlike carrots and broccoli. i think they ought to be for decorations only.

wow. this felt like the best meal i ever had.
we elegantly gobbled it up~!
hahas. Fiona and me took 3 photos altogether. however, i look horrible in one of them and on the second one, my face was cut off. #$%^&*@!!!!

Fiona looked pretty though.
Here's the only 'fine' picture of me and fiona taken that day:

we became bored and went to find dorina, huiting and samantha. we walked around some shops at bugis street, and some students stopped us, requesting to take a photo of us because they were doing a project about Teenage Style. So, the 5 of us had to stand against the wall to take a picture. Fiona, that cunning fellow, sneaked away from the row and went to look at some flowers pretending that she's very interested in them. =.=

samantha and huiting cleverly separated themselves from the row too.
So well, in the end only Dorina and me were taken photo of.

After that, me and fiona left them and went to meet Eric and his friend. hmmms. Eric's ex-girlfriend saw us, and thought that i am Eric's girlfriend. in the end i innocently received a glare from her. hahas. she's quite pretty though. However, she looks like 14 or 15 although she's actually 18. hahas. just like how some people thought im primary 6, just because im shorter than my

after that i went to meet gregory for awhile, den we left bugis. Boring day at first, interesting towards the end. hahas. it's always like that.

this time i didnt really camwhored alot.... or did i? hahas.

Copy 1 of Picture0047

anyway, it's a awesome thing that i could walk around in shoes this high for half-a-day. hahas. that's the super-ability of the females~~ hahas.

another awesome thing is that i spent so little on my happy day out~!

Yoshinoya Meal= $6.30
this pair of earrings= $2 =.=
Total= $8.30

oh wow.
i can beome a Financial Advisor now.

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