Saturday, September 30, 2006

introducing..... DOLLYN~!

two days ago, i was chatting with denver on msn, and he showed me his msn cartoon display pic which could make all sorts of emotions. after playing a game with him, and me WINNING, he finally told me the website to custom-make this kind of msn display pics. hahas. i think there's alot of people out there who already discovered this cartoon-thingy long time ago, but well, im just ABIT slow la. hahas. after spending quite a long time deciding her eye colour, hair colour, skin colour, clothes, background, blahblahblah, DOLLYN was finally borned! hahas. Denver exclaimed that she was cute the minute she appeared on my msn display pic.
=) yay.
Dollyn blushed when denver said she's cute:like we girls, she also has frequent moodswings. hahas. Suddenly she's angry.
dollyn and her confused/scared look.
she's tired making all those faces.YAWNING!! ..... or singing in a choir?? hahas.
my Dollyn uses Colgate Total White, that's why her teeth is shiny and white!

she's sick. she's vomiting. =(
she's winking! =D
hahas. i think she's trying to flirt with Denver's PurpleHead~
(* purplehead is denver's msn cartoon)

Sad and Crying~!

i was actually feeling quite down that day, and this little DOLLYN cheered me up with her funny emotions. it's quite surprising how such a simple thing could liften my dumb mood.

ANYWAY, here's the big announcement:

6 October


i just realised the MidAutumnFestival falls on the same day as my birthday this year
-.- i hope i dont get a Mooncake as birthday cake... hahas.

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