Monday, October 2, 2006


haha. i totally forgot that yesterday was Children'sDay, until i found this comic on my table this morning. grrr. i totally wasted my Children'sDay yesterday by doing NOTHING at home. i should have bought myself a lollipop and pamper myself -.-

oh well, nevermind. i shall look forward to my birthday next. i hope i dont forget my birthday as well. hahas.

Anyway, yesterday we were having dinner when i suddenly told my mum this:

Me: If i got 3 wishes, you know what i would wish?
Mum: hmmm... (ignoring me, and watching tv)
Me: First, i want to pass GCE O'levels with flying colours without studying =D
Mum: but no use what. then when you go poly you dont know all the secondary school stuffs, also will get kick out by school mahs.
Me: orh. den my first wish i want knowledge lor. then second one i want Wealth~!! *smiles in glee*
Mum&sis: haha.
Me: then 3rd wish i want Beauty~~!!! =) yay.
Sis: then you no need Health ar??
Me: Oh ya hor?? *trying to choose between beauty and health*
Mum: actually, best is choose Health first, Wealth second, and Happiness third.
Me: but no knowledge den cannot pass O'level how to happy??!
Mum: if you're happy, everything also can der mahs.
Me: orh. den when fail O'level no need to cry, just sit there 'hahaha' la??

hmmms. i still cant decide between whether i want health or beauty or hapiness. best is the genie give me 5 wishes, then i can have all Happiness, Health, Beauty, Wealth, and Knowledge.

here are two nice songs i discovered while surfing the net aimlessly yesterday.
( i was really, truely, genuinely, seriously, VERY BORED yesterday)

# Wo You Wo de Young- Fei Lun Hai:

Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue- Hebe and FeiLunHai:

Both are songs from the same band. there's one or two cute boys in that band. wahaha. i hope they get popular =D anyways, Hebe's singing in the 2nd video was really nice. i wished i had her singing voice.. aaahhh!!~ i guess i want 6 wishes from the genie liao.

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