Sunday, October 29, 2006

awwww. my stomach is so full that i wont even glance at my favourite chicken chop if you put it in front of me now.

haha. i was being filial and helping mum to buy vegetables at the supermarket this morning, when i realised that im actually a very picky person. first, i picked up a packet of veggies that looked perfect, but i explored the veg to see if there were any flaws. oh, saw some holes and so i threw it back into the heap and picked up another packet of veggies. i spotted flaws again, and picked another packet again. this continued for quite some time, until i finally decided that the First packet was the best. haha. i guess people can never be satisfied with what they have, and will always choose to find flaws in something perfect-looking.

alright. i have to rush my art project already.
wish me goodluck for tomorrow's O'level Chinese!!

meanwhile, you guys can play this game i found while being very bored at home yesterday. =X

Snake: flash try-out. by *Simmar on deviantART

the red dot looks like Pimples, and im feeling powerful that i could eliminate it with the four arrows on my keyboard. haha.

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