Monday, October 23, 2006

i wonder why there isn't a shelter walkway from the bustop to my home, and why the rain has to start when im going home, and stop when i reach home. RAIN BULLY ME!!
haha. lucky i have a BurgerKing flyer to protect my hair from being attacked by the fierce dropping raindrops. Hees. now i know the importance of accepting flyer handouts instead of throwing them away into the dustbins beside MRT stations.

i ate macdonalds today again~!! with Fiona, Suping, Denver, ChenChuan and Ivan. wahaha. CHICKEN again! :) if you had read this blog for at least two months, you will understand why i love chicken so much. hehs. we ate quite long, and Denver suddenly said that he wished his FrenchFries holder was bottomless, so that there will be never-ending supply of french fries. we started some crap and ideas about the never-ending frenchfries, and Ivan started to make this:

haha. he wanted me to mention that it was HIM who invented this 'bottomless' french fries holder, so well, i MENTIONED. oh ya. fiona wants me to mention that she was the one holding this incredible french fries holder while i took the photo -.-

And this, is BottomLess Cup, held by denver.
We finally managed to stop crapping and walked around shops. hee! guys seldom tag along with girls shopping...and that's good right? NO, because we ended up walking the 'boys' kind of stores. haha.

i found two WOW things in these 'boys' stores.
First. it was this:


another WOW thing was, i saw one super handsome guy.......err....inside one of those flat and sharp televisions in the BESTDENKI store. haha. i was so mesmerised by this FinalFantasy guy. he's so perfect-looking sia! i wish i could bring him home. awwwww~~



anyway, while i was super focused on that, Jonathan suddenly appeared out of nowhere. well, we accompanied him to eat. Fiona asked me to eat that whitebeehoony thingy.. i still dont know what it's called though.

last of all, Suping gave me 2 sweets that are flown fresh from Hongkong's disneyland. well, it tasted like... MICKEY! haha.

*yawns.* i feel desperately sleepy.

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