Sunday, October 15, 2006

i picked up an old magazine randomly from the magazine rack yesterday and found this story:

It was a rainy night, and 4 robbers got up on a bus which has afew passengers and a female busdriver. After robbing the people, the 4 robbers pulled the female bus driver down the bus and took turns to rape her by the roadside, behind some trees. All the passengers in the bus saw what happened but no one dared to save her. One young man couldn't take it any longer, and stood up. He asked the other passengers to help him and they would all attack the robbers together. However, the other passengers were too afraid and none of them volunteered to help. in the end, that young man went down the bus alone and tried to pull the robbers away from the female driver. of course, the young man was of no help and injured himself severely. the robbers left after they finished raping the driver. The female driver went up the bus with injuries and proceeded to continue the journey. Surprisingly, she did not let the young man up the bus. In the end, the young man was picked up by another passing-by car and was sent to the hospital.
Afew hours later, the police found the bus at the bottom of a mountain. All the passengers and the bus driver were found dead inside. it turned out that the bus driver was angry with the passengers for not helping her, and delibrately drove the bus down the cliff. The reason why she didnt let the man up the bus, was because she didnt want to kill him together with the other useless passengers.

Actually, the passengers had 3 chances to save their own lives, but they didnt cherish it.

First Chance: When the robbers pulled the bus driver down the bus, not only they didnt dare to help, no one even tried to speak.

Second Chance: When the brave young man asked for volunteers, none of them helped even though they knew that in order to fight off the robbers, they need the strength of all of them.

Third Chance: After the bus driver was raped, none of the passengers tried to comfort her, or even care. they just kept quiet.

If only they had tried any effort to cherish any of the 3 chances, the ending would be different. It was themselves who dug their own grave.

there are thousands of chances for us to save ourself in every disaster, only that they come in different forms. the only thing is whether we cherish these chances or whether we want to cherish them or not.

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