Saturday, October 7, 2006

My birthday is over, and now i have to wait for one more year before i can wish myself happy birthday again. why cant my birthday be monthly instead of yearly??? hmmms. im lucky that my birthday doesnt fall on the 29th of February though. babies borned that day can only celebrate their birthdays every 4 years. gosh, i wouldnt want to wait that long.

Anyway, the first sms birthday greeting arrived at exactly 00:00am~ haha. there were afew birthday greetings which got me quite surprised because we werent very close and i didnt remind them about my birthday. thanks anyway! =D

Alright, lets start on my Birthday Eve! Shunlai bought me this chocolate moouse cake from Prima Deli. It's super pretty and SUPER YUMMY. it's probably the best cake i've ever ate. haha. TWO THUMBS + two toes UP.


hehs. i forced him to sing the HappyBirthday song to me. and while he sang embarassedly, i could not stop laughing. aahhh~~ im bad. hohos.

On my actual second birthday cake was from mummy and daddy:

after the birthday cake, cheese pizza, pork ribs, chicken wings, and longan syrup, it's time to open presents~~~~

Starting from the closest friends,

Fiona's gift~! i had wow-ed over this necklace in the shop a million times before she bought it. haha. i did not know that Fiona would remember. hees.. finally i have it on my Neck. Ring from Christabel and Sujun~!

Errr... Denver took my blutack and made this 'currypuff' -.- Fabian sent me a present by mail~! Not Fedex though. the glue was super sticky~!
inside the package was a self-compiled cd, a sweet letter with a nice font plus my favourite calla lillies picture on top, and a little teddy :) yay!! i see sincerity and effort.

Shunlai gave me a second present too, this custom-made jigsaw puzzle of our picture. i will love playing with it.


Another present was from daddy and mummy, who bought this Mp4 player for me. i love the colour too. haha. i was totally jumping with joy when daddy gave me this. Joanne was jealous though, and daddy had to sweetalk her abit after that. haha.

........grahhhhh. there seems to be a problem and i cant upload the photos of the rest of the presents. well, nevermind. i love all the presents, and thankyou! i'll definitely wear/see/use them!!

Yesterday was MoonCake Festival, and it was the first time i did not take lanterns... and i did not saw the full moon. err, i forgot to look out of my window while we ate mooncakes. haha. i was busy sorting my jewelleries into my new jewellery storaging box la. bleah.

this morning the coffeeshop Aunty gave us another mooncake to try. the fillings are not those normal mooncake type. it's filled with some sticky, sweet paste, and many kind of nuts. well, it tasted horrible. one of the ingredient inside tasted wierd, and influenced the rest of the fillings.

i named it the worst mooncake in the world before throwing it into the rubbish bin. yuck.


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