Thursday, October 26, 2006

warning: a very boring post-

im flying off to paris tonight...............

in this little toy aeroplane i found at [Toys'R us] :)

Yes, we went to [Toys'R us] today to relive our childhood days. other than Denver who kept claiming that he hates his childhood, the rest of us had a nice time touching all the toys there. hees.

The Game Of Frustration:
Yikai and me stood beside the shelf and wasted some time playing this game because no matter how hard we try, we still couldn't win. grrrr. we were supposed to roll the ball without dropping the ball into the holes till we pass hole number20. my highest record was only 9 though =(
I think i should buy this toy for mum. nextime when she couldn't think of any 4D numbers, she can play this game and decide the number she wants to buy. haha.

Among all the other cute toys, i think this is the best! =D actually the only reason i like it is because it is in the shape of my favourite food: CHICKEN!
i didn't actually noticed that it was in a shape of a chicken till my third glance. haha.

Fiona was super-crazy today though. She told me to smell this toy-rose because she said there's a nice real flowerscent -.- there's only the smell of cotton actually~

... and she claimed she love this tv. i think she would have kissed the tv if we didn't gave her the Look. haha.

and of all the boring things we did today, we ate icecream. well, a very normal icecream from a very normal fast food restaurant, Macdonalds. haha. the important thing is actually, i finally know how to make this photoshopping effect liao!! =D

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Alright. Guess what? i've been enjoying everyday too much that i totally forgot something.

omg. guys, i need some help.
my topic is:
for example: borders, barriers, streetsigns and streetlights; traffic, pedestrians, hawkers, cafes, advertising hoardings, trees and shrubs.

well, i dont think i'll have enough time to do research PLUS sketching and development all by myself in 4 days.
Kind souls out there, if you are really free, please help take photos of Roadsides in Singapore, or search for Photos regarding my topic and send them to me via email alright?
(please indicate 'ROADSIDE' in the subjectbox)

thanks so much~!!

uh oh. i don't know if this is counted as cheating =X

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