Saturday, October 14, 2006

My results slip for O'lvl prelims~!!

no surprise about the bad results, since i didnt study for prelims.
im glad that i had warned Mum about me not studying for prelims. haha. if not i'll be racking my brains now trying to find excuses for not scoring well. i forgot why i didnt study for prelims, but i guess it was the computer. once my butt lands on the computer chair and my fingers on the keyboard, i will be stucked in that position until bedtime. hees. that night before my geography exam which required alot of memorising, i managed to press the shut-down button on my computer after much struggle and flipped through the textbook. feeling restless and uncomfortable studying on my messy studydesk, i walked into the lounge where mum was playing maple, television blasting, and aircon blowing cold air. immediately, i was sitting on the sofa and enjoying the cold air. at first i tried to read the first chapter, first page. but soon, my eyes turned to the television which was showing an interesting variety show. well, my eyes got fixed on the television and my textbook remained closed ever since. haha.

i wish some genius with an IQ of 200 would come exchange brains with me on all of my o levels exams. i will give him/her a bar of nice chocolate as salary.
~Walk-in interview:
tonight 11pm, lala-land, under that strawberry mushroom. remember to wear a red big ribbon on your head too.

while i was typing this blog entry, i tried to multi-task on this slow computer and surfed around other blogs. i saw many many many pretty bloggers. gosh. *envies*

i want money. after i have money, i can buy anything i want, and i want to buy many many new clothes. i kept wearing back the same old clothes in my wardrobe and im sick of it.

i'll love clouds more if they throw money into my window instead of rain.

this cartoon is teaching me to appreciate what i have now.
yea, i should. but........ i still want loads and loads of money~~!!

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