Tuesday, October 10, 2006

i just realised that i did something stupid last night. i placed my pen together with the goodie bag that teacher gave, into the fridge. haha. my pen is freezing cold now. POOR pen. hmmms. im down with a little bit of fever, and a worser sorethroat than yesterday.
feeling super terrible, and my mood sucks right now. i feel like screaming but my throat's pain.

didnt ate lunch, but i ate some sweets and jelly to reward myself for being a kind person today :)
i helped Yikai to draw rats and decorate his art project~ he should be honoured, because i dont always help people with art. hohos. it isnt the world's best drawing, but at least i helped him finish it so that he does not get killed by Mrs Annechan. haha. getting busy with his project work was probably the only thing which i enjoyed doing today.

As i was going home on the bus today, i suddenly hoped that the bus journey would go on forever and ever. i'll never have to get down the bus and face the harsh reality.

i hope things will turn for the better. im tired of falling and falling again. im going out tonight, and i shall have fun. i know i will :)

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