Thursday, October 5, 2006

i was in a terrible mood swing this afternoon,
and guess what cured it?

.................CHICKEN RICE~!
now im truely convinced that
eating CHICKENS do make people happy.

i read one of RX's 8days magazine recently, and on the lastpage, i saw some stupid questions.
so since im bored, i shall try and answer them :)

Can you cry under water?
- i wanted to experiment with it, but no free time lei. haha. everytime i want to cry, i would be too far from the source of water. i guess the answer is NO, unless it meant "cry and choke under water". haha. however, im sure we could cry while bathing under the shower though. it's still "under water" right??

Why is bra singular and panties plural?
- maybe because bra can be taken out with just one hand but you need two hands to take off the panties?? uhh. im being irrevalent -.-

If a pizza is round, why does it comes in a square box?
- maybe once upon a time, it was packed in a round box, but PizzaHut decided to be different/unique/special and changed it to square box. PizzaHut started the trend, so blame it if your home-delivery pizza becomes square-shaped after it reaches your home.

If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?
- naughty BABIES~!!! =) nextime when you have a crying baby, dont use the old trick of telling them that the police are going to catch them if they are naughty. they aren't going to fall for that trick a million times. just tell them that Naughty babies will become baby oil, and that will definitely shut babies up.

Dont the 'ABC' song and "twinkle twinkle little star" have the same tune??
- hah. maybe the composer was a CAT with the surname Copy. so his full name is CopyCat.

Why did you just tried singing the two songs above?
hahaha. i shall stop answering these nonsensical questions.. i have to spend my precious time planning about what birthday wish i should wish about tomorrow. hmmms. i will have 16 candles on my birthday cake tomorrow. does it actually means that i can have 16 wishes??? WOW.
*smiles excitedly*

From now till midnight, be sure to keep mumbling to yourself:
" esther's birthday is tomorrow. HURRAY."

haha. i want you to mumble it at least 610 times. if you shout it with a microphone to the whole world, 160 times is enough :)

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