Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Firstly, to freshen up your ears before you continue reading my blog, here's a song i chanced upon in sang by an internet-singer.

The Chinese Version of LemonTree, sang by

i think her vocals are nice and sweet, but i can't help but notice that she's abit act cute. haha. but i still like her voice nevertheless!! x)

LOL. i just went to visit a stranger hunk's blog, and while looking through his very old archives, i realised that the hunk's computer table is the exact design as mine. wahaha. im going to tell fiona that i had the same design of computer table with a hunk. she will be so jealous. well, that should teach her not to make me jealous of her long pretty legs.

alright, since nothing really happened today except that i had a really great mood this morning laughing away about something related to "robert" and "hard candy", i shall dig up something that i was pissed off afew days ago. wakakaka. im unforgiving!!

that fateful morning, the weather was nice because there's no burning sun :)

this was the bus layout from a bird's view. err. well, a bird hanging from the ceiling of the bus. i was sitting peacefully, THERE. *points to my little black circle*

at one particular bustop, up came that Fatbum and his wife.

to my ultimate horror, mr-fatbum sat beside me!

look at how i was squashed by Mr-Fatbum in the end. even my butt had to go out of MY seat. i was feeling so awkward being squashed by him but i was too embarrassed to stand up and sit somewhere else. OMG. there i sat for about 10 minutes, all the time praying that their destination would reach soon. i pity the one sitting beside Fatbum's wife too. haha.

i didnt meant to call them fatbum, because my butt isnt small either. but nevermind lah, cos i dont think they read my blog anyway. hahaha. Mr fatbum should have chose to squash someone with a smaller butt, because i really had a hard time sitting with half-butt! =X

( disclaimer: in case any one of you gets offended because i seems to be mocking at fat people, im sincerely SORRY. im not mocking at them, because me myself is not very thin too. )

here's something that i think is meaningful and encouraging:

When life gets dfficult,
When the task becomes tiring;
When you're about to give up,
always remember that the snail
got to Noah's Ark INCH by INCH.

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