Monday, October 30, 2006

after drawing so many pictures for the art project, i almost feel like an artist now :) haha. i'll post up my drawings of boring roads maybe on Wednesday or Thursday.

hmmms. guess what? i was late for my O'level Chinese Paper today -.- whoosh. i managed to complete the whole paper though. One of the composition question was to write a letter to a friend, telling her the benefits and disadvantages of living in a large family. I lied in my letter! haha. i wrote about how WONDERFUL a large family is, while deep down i think that a small family is better. well, at least no one will grumble about me using the computer the whole day, and i'll be the apple of my parent's eyes. yoohoo. i can get more pocketmoney then, because i'll be getting the share that my sister was supposed to get. heees.
i guess the only advantage about a large family is that you can get more presents from siblings on your birthday.

joanne was shocked today because this is the first time i came home without demanding her to get off my computer. im KIND~!! haha. she showed me this flash, which is quite funny :)
(open it in a new window and continue reading my blog!!!! haha.. )

... and well, to compensate for the short post today, i shall introduce this game that i've been playing recently. haha. can practise your typing skills leh! actually quite fun cos the ghosts kept expanding faster and faster as you play longer.

anyway, i was talking to ZhiWei just now when he told me that about 10 years ago, one of the students in my school burnt down the bookshop. OMG. how come i study in my school 4 years liao and NO ONE told me?!!

( dont know whether it's true or not. *CURIOUS* im gonna check for burn marks when i go back to school on wednesday.. hoho )

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